Whether you use an online job search website, like Monster, or use a desktop job finding program, which lets you search hundreds of jobs sites with one search, how you search is important. The phrases you use and the filters you apply will impact how large or small your search results are.

So how can you get the most relevant results when job searching online?

Make Use of Suggestions: Many times, an online career website or a job finding program will start to make suggestions for you after you enter in just a few letters. For example if you type in “offi” you are likely to see office manager, office secretary, and so forth suggested to you. If you were to just search with the phrase “office,” you may get hundreds of local jobs in your area, these suggested phrases can also be used to narrow down your results.

Check Your Spelling: Unfortunately, many job seekers miss out on a lot of good opportunities because of a spelling error. Of course you know how to spell, but it might be a typing error instead. When actually entering in your search phrase, such as office administration, slow down to prevent a typo.

Experiment with Different Search Phrases: When it comes to job searching online, you will find that companies use different phrases for very similar positions. This can impact your search results. Whether you use a job finder or do the search directly on a career website, you can only use one search phrase at a time. Get started with something like management, and then try retail management, restaurant management, warehouse management, office management, and so forth. You may see some of the jobs appear in all of your searches, but you are likely to see a few new ones too when experimenting with different variations.

Start With No Search Filters: When doing your first search on career site or with a job finder program, you should get started with a broad search. Set your zip code, choose a search phrase, and set the radius in which you are willing to drive. See what your results are. If there are thousands, you can then make use of advanced search features to narrow them down. These features may involve selecting full or part-time work, searching the job titles only, and so forth.

Now that you have a few helpful tips for job searching online, it is time to get started. The more often you do your job searching online, the more likely you are to send out resumes, land interviews, and hopefully land a job. Good luck!

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