As we race towards a globally connected economic scenario, the one positive change that is sure to benefit all is the availability of jobs from all over the world. With every sector being touched by the technology changes, the need for skilled people to take over challenging roles and deliver continues to rise. However, as fresh graduates, you need to be aware of the sectors that are currently flourishing and are likely to offer the best possible opportunities as the year progresses.

So, here is a look at the 10 job opportunities that you need to keep an eye on in 2016 because they are the ones where you are likely to get maximum returns:

Software application developers

This is a fun job for those who love the power of programing. The simple reason why jobs as software application developers will be growing is that the world is going online. People need experts to help them develop applications that take them closer to the end consumer. All you need is a Bachelor’s degree for an entry level job in this category.

Organisation psychologists

As an increasing number of companies are accepting the need to invest in the welfare of employees, the need for organisational psychologists is only going to grow.

Financial advisers

These are experts well versed with the dynamicity of the world of finance and are able to give sound advise to individuals as well as organisations. Technical qualification for this category includes a masters degree in finance and of course proper experience.


Every organisation is hunting for capable researchers who will help them understand the trends of the market and accordingly take sound business decisions. Business researchers are the people who provide the scientific approach to an organisation and their demand continues to soar.

Web Designers

Once again, an impact of the digital era, there is a need for web designers who are willing to understand the complexities and design responsive websites. This helps them connect better to the consumer.

Environmental engineers

For those who like the environment, this job can be a great opportunity to make a profession of their passion. Industries and independent business houses, are investing in environmental engineers.

Medical assistants

The medical fraternity is growing and so is the demand for medical assistants. Those opting for jobs in this category are likely to see their career flourish faster as the health care sector continues to grow.

Fitness trainers

An increasing number of people are becoming health conscious. Not just gyms but even personal fitness trainers are in great demand. After all, nobody will deny the benefit of a trainer when it comes to staying fit.


This is one category where jobs never goes out of demand. Engineers are in demand across categories.

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